Artistic Fireplace Water

Water is a common element that is capable of doing extraordinary things...
When it falls impetuously from the rocks, originating from fragmented forces. Or when it rises heated from the bowels of the earth, rising to the surface, spewing out its advantageous effects. Or, but above all, when it is transformed into a therapeutic massage that caresses your body freeing you from the accumulated stress of the day, providing an invigorating sense of absolute well being.
The effects and curative properties of water have been well known for centuries and even recognized by the medical profession. Even though hydro-massage is a term used today, the roots of this curative method are ancient. From ancient Egypt to the Roman hot springs, including the thermal baths of Northern Europe, water has always been a fundamental element in the research of our well being and in the cure of particular pathologies.
For this motive, various reputable companies have designed and produced tubs that heat and transform the water into a vigorous massage, benefiting those in search of well being.

Hydro-massage tubs
Professional hot tubs produced by Astral Iberspa. The possibility to be furnished with cover and gazebo personalized to satisfy the requirements of the customer.

The leading company in this field builds the pools to your required measurements. Please contact us to arrange a private on premise visit and estimate. We also have available a wide variety of articles and materials for pool maintenance.

Finnish saunas constructed in accordance with artisan design. Ideal for keeping yourself in shape and maintaining a state of good health. In addition the sauna provides a substantial therapeutical support against many pathologies
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