Artistic Fireplace Fireplace Structure

Planning and Production

The advantage of a custom designed fireplace is to have a unique product, a personalized piece of art that blends completely with your home environment. Originating with a simple idea and developing this idea according to your specifications, we are capable of providing a package that will satisfy all your requirements, including size and choice of material. Upon completion of this preliminary phase and subject to our final control, your project enters into the production stage.

Marble and Wood

These materials have always been used for applications of every type and they play a fundamental role even in the realization of a fireplace. The individual and particular characteristics of these materials combined with the craftsmen's skilled workmanship transform any project into a pleasing reality. By giving special consideration to even the most minor detail we are able to obtain the desired form, to stress the materials' tones and grains and to create for you a fireplace that is truly unique.


After a short period, having been prepared with the most care possible, your fireplace is delivered to your home. Expert hands then assemble the separate pieces into a homogeneously constructed body that will be the beating heart of your home.
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