Artistic Fireplace Support Assistance

This service has two functions:

To provide an after sale support and assistance security for the customers of Jolly2Garden insuring maintenance throughout the upcoming years and an extended guarantee that their system is maintained in excellent working condition.

To assure, whoever wants, that the necessary steps will be taken to maintain their chimney in a safe, efficient, and functioning condition. For example, inspection and complete cleaning of the smokestacks or provision of the recommended wood to burn in your unit.
It is our intention to provide continuous support to all clients of Jolly2Garden, now and in the forthcoming years. We also welcome and will provide support and assistance to any homeowner in possession of a fireplace who wants to be assured that their system is functioning with complete sureness and at maximum efficiency without having themselves the responsibility and worry of personally performing the tasks necessary to achieve these results.
This service is provided at a modest cost. We have provided and elaborated a series of discounts increasing during the years in such a way to render these costs affordable and self-supportable. Our Jolly Formula service package is an investment that insures that your fireplace or heating unit performs its function with maximum results, allowing you the advantage of savings of general heating costs. At the same time, as a preventative measure, your system is safeguarded against the internal smokestack problems that may occur with the passing of time.
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